Colleen, owner of Colleen Deiss Designs is a self taught slab builder from rural Wisconsin. She started out with a love of drawing and painting early in life and received a degree in 2D designs at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. After college Colleen found a part time job at a pottery studio, where she realized her passion for ceramics. She chose to pursue slab building because it allowed her to incorporate her 2D design skills. 

Colleen's inspiration comes from the natural world around her and the need for functional objects, such as the flower top. As of 2017, you can find flower top sets advertised on the Uncommon Goods website. Colleen started selling her work at local retail craft shows, and after a few short years, her work is now displayed in galleries across the nation. Currently, Colleen works busily from her studio filling orders and cultivating new ideas daily.